About us

Antoanelle is a Romanian brand dedicated to women who appreciate feminine, simple and versatile products, but with special attention to details.
Founded in 2014 by Camelia Antoanela Roatiș, a graduate of the Istituto Marangoni design school in Milan, the brand defines its aesthetic through elegance and simplicity.

Camelia Roatiș sees the woman dressed simply, but beautifully and elegantly, without anything ostentatious or opulent, to highlight her inner and outer beauty, her femininity and delicacy. She believes in a style that can individualize any woman and that can help her add an extra touch of sensuality, mystery or romance to each of her appearances.

The brand name was inspired by Camelia's full name, which is Antoanela. She found the name Antoanela to be elegant and distinguished, and adding the suffix "elle" to the end of the name added an air of femininity and emphasized the fact that the brand is dedicated to women.

Antoanelle's creations are original, chic and emphasize versatility, functionality and comfort. The brand does not believe in the theory that a dress should only be worn once and encourages women to repeat the experience if they feel good in their clothes. In addition, many top stars have chosen to wear Antoanelle's creations at various public events, which confirms that women need values ​​and authenticity in their fashion.


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